Plumbing Drain Service

Portable Jetters appx. 100 feet of reach 1-2.5 GPM @ 800-1200PSI (variable)
Well Service truck used for pulling submersible well pumps  
Winterizing Truck for camp closings  
Large Power Snake  ~150 of reach  for 3"-4" drain lines
Small Hand Power Snake  50 feet of reach  for 1 1/2"-2" drain lines
Drain Line Locator  we can use locator to find drain line path & fittings or even a seperation or collapsed line  
Inspection Camera  identifies breaks, seperations, and condition of sewer or perimeter lines  smaller camera can be used for leaks in walls or hard to view areas


ACB Plumbing has the equipment necessary to manage your drain line. Whether you have roots intruding in your drain, grease building up on the walls of the pipes, a blockage, or even a collapsed line; we can identify the problem and determine the appropriate solution. We do our best to keep you informed as we progress with your plumbing issues. We are willing to tackle almost anything and are always looking into growing our capabilities as a business.

When cleaning smaller diameter drains like kitchen sinks, lavatories, or other small diameter lines we use a small power snake or portable jetter. The power snake clears blockages and breaks up debris in line whereas the jetter is attached to a faucet or water supply and has a capability of forcing high pressure water through hose and various nozzles into drains at around 1000 PSI of pressure.

For a main sewer line we use a larger power snake that has multiple tips for cutting roots, pulling an object out of the line, or penetrating and moving blockages to main or tank. We also have larger jetters that can force heated or unheated water pressure into line at up to 4000 PSI with penetrating and scouring nozzels. 

ACB Plumbing can unclog toilets, lavatories, tubs, showers, kitchen sinks, washer lines, sewer and perimeter lines.